Join me!

For the first time, TendToTravel is opening up to everyone. For a start, I’m implementing a new section – My Favourite Architecture / Building. Share with us your favourite buildings from your travels or your city. Select a photo or more (ideally dimensioned at around 915 x 607 pixels for maximum effect) and write a short description of it – where it was taken, what do you like about it and why you like the building. The more explanation the better! If you have any ideas about the topics, please do let me know. I’m open to new ideas!


The Rules: Please consider the following

1. Originality – I only accept original written post and not left over’s 😉
2. Independent – For the time being, I only accept posts from independent bloggers / backpackers / tourist. Unfortunately I do not accept post from ‘individuals’ representing corporate companies / company
3. The contents will be checked before the post is scheduled to ensure the writing/photos are suitable for my audience. Therefore please do not feel offended if your post is not accepted.
4. Please do provide your name, a short ‘about yourself’ paragraph, website (if you do have one), Facebook and Twitter handles, to be included in your post.
5. Reciprocal post will only be done if I have time. Though I do try to do as much guest posting as possible.
6. Your post will be promoted extensively on Twitter and Facebook.


Please do not be put off by the rules above. I’m very open to suggestions. Just drop me a line at today and will get back to you very soon 😉