I’ve always enjoyed doing illustrative notes like these. As an architect and an Urban Design graduate, finding different characteristics of the places I’ve visited is what makes travel exciting. Doing notes likes this does take time – mostly trying to figure out the composition. Lately I’ve started to do drafts in the smaller moleskine as below:

Amer TendToTravel Istanbul notes draft


These are some of the points noted above just in case you can’t read my ugly hand writing!

  1. Museums and Galleries
  2. Vibrant markets
  3. Great Transportation
  4. Cool cafes and dining culture
  5. Great worldwide connectivity
  6. Modern business districts
  7. modern infrastructure
  8. Fantastic views everywhere
  9. a living museum
  10. world class attractions
  11. street food and markets
  12. well conserved historic sites
  13. deep harbour
  14. active riverfront
  15. on two continents!