Shanghai – Beijing

Class: Economy
Date: June 2010

Final Verdict:

Air China seems to have a reputation of delaying their flights, that’s what I was told. Well, this particular flight was delayed for one hour and worse still, it was announced when we were on the plane. Nevertheless the overall service is good on this rather empty flight to Beijing.



with 10 as maximum

overall: 7.6 of 10

at the Airport

Check-in: 8/10


Aircraft: 7/10
Cabin crew: 8/10
Responding to request: 9/10
Seat Comfort: 8/10
Legroom: 8/10
IFE (InFlight Entertainment): 5/10
Food quality: 7/10
Food quantity: 8/10
Cabin cleanliness: 8/10


Air China’s A330-300 domestic only configuration at Beijing Capital International

Check in counters

Check-in: 8/10

Check in was smooth and uneventful.

Aircraft: 7/10

Air China deployed a Boeing 737-800 on this 2 hour route to Beijing . This domestic only aircraft had 2 configurations – Business and Economy class.

Cabin crew: 8/10

Cabin crew greeted passengers onboard the aircraft. Orange juice was given before airborne. They were smiling and pleasant throughout.

Responding to request: 9/10

The crew responded fast on request for water.

Seat Comfort: 8/10

Air China has just installed this new seats (and cabin) in this fleet. Seat is wider than economy and more comfortable. Headrest is large and comfortable.

Legroom: 8/10

Legroom is the industry standard at 35″-36″

IFE (InFlight Entertainment): 5/10

This is where Air China doesn’t fare well.

TV channels: 6
No Audio Video on Demand. A limited selection of radio stations. Average quality of headphones. Nevertheless its only a 2 hour flight.

Food quality: 7/10

A selection of 2 meals, chicken and vegetarian
The food does taste good for an airline food

Food quantity: 8/10

the quantity is good for a 2 hour flight
Meals consist of mains, starter, fruit, biscuits and cheese, rolls, dessert and drinks.

Cabin cleanliness: 8/10

The cabin are kept clean throughout the 2 hour flight. Washroom was in a good condition.



Thoroughly enjoy the flight, though delayed, the crew was effective and helpful. Will definitely fly with them again.